Monday, 30 January 2012

Taking a chance on myself...finally

I've always supported other people's dreams but when it comes to my dreams... It could wait, it had to wait, there were far more important things to do but after 34 years of holding off and putting aside them, I had enough...
What made me go"Mad", for example, I was the creator of a artistic group, Mad Space Invaders, the first of the kind (at Madeira), I was responsable for the group and had to give it up... there was no time for it, to experience it, to bond with the other members, specially to be present on the events...

I'm a mother of a 12 year old son, a hotel receptionist (night shift, 12am to 8am) and also I take care of my grandmother (AVC).

I'm really excited. I'm going to do something really naughty.
I'm going to be a professional Artist, Paintress and live from my work.
Giving up my life here at Madeira and my perfect job and in a few weeks (23 weeks). I'm flying to Scotland (my husband country), all three of us (12 year old son, husband and me).
It's a crazy thing to do but I can't wait.

Can't wait to spend long hours painting, drawing inside and outside, sculpting....
I know.... It's going to be hard...Don't have any illusions about it... Not enough to stop me this time. I just said "Fuck It"

I always said to my son to follow his dreams, now I'm showing him that I'm following my dream...
Even if it doesn't work it's OK... I've done it...I give myself the opportunity.

And people it's OK also for you to follow your dreams...please do... The world it's full of unhappy people... Enough it's enough... To change the world we need to change ourselves first.

PS: Tomorrow I'll be 35 years old and proud of myself