Sunday, 30 June 2013


  Going to participate in a exposition back in my Island Madeira at the Galeria de Arte Joao Paulo II. Open day... keep your eyes on this blog :P


This Saturday it was Fun...what else...hahnnn...
This bunch of people that come together for Creative Wellbeing, Faithful "customers", are brilliant. I'm going to miss everyone of them when the project finish this first part.
Richard was really nice and give us free range in our boxes what was brilliant.
Here are some photos of mine


Everyone last wednesday went towards funny ...even i, who was avoiding it because it's what i do, my speciality...i did a study based in another study.of Michaelangelo...


"Make your own Tote Bag" happened on the 22nd June and I had such a great time.
I've decided to turn my Tote bag into a Bread Bag...
Here's some photos

Owl Detail 

WORDS FOR WELLBEING... last session

Well, my peeps you  need to wait a little bit longer for my texts of the last session of "Words for Wellbeing" still need to do some unpacking in the new house and I don't know were I put the notebook.... Not happy with this :(

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


What a great taster session I had with Silk Painting. Brilliant. I didn't know that I could paint like watercolours.... I definetly want to do more of it. Thank you Sarah it was mint (like the locals say).
  Here's some pictures of my work "Tree of Life"'s going to be a dreamcatcher for my window...don't know which one yet... will see after...

Pictures of the beginning of the session

Thursday, 13 June 2013


In a few minutes I will be attending the Last session of "Words for Wellbeing" at YMCA Carlisle from 10 to 2 pm. There will be a continuation once a month but it won't be the same thing like attending every thursday.
Carol Ross, it was a pleasure. Thank you for being part of my life. You make a great difference.
Thank you


Yesterday drawing. I'm doing different things to what i normally due. We all should get out of our confortable zone, experiment and have fun :P

The contents on top of the table were touch before I got a chance to take a picture

Sunday, 9 June 2013


     Yesterday "Voice Training" at YMCA Carlisle ... I really thought  that its going to be hilarious... Me singing ...Last time i sang i was 18 in a church choir...half my life ago.... So when I left home I had that attitude that I was not there to sing alone in front of everyone else (although I had practice "True Colours" from Cindy Lauper just in case). How I was wrong and how i enjoyed myself...i didn't want to leave....we all rocked the ymca... We started with warming up exercises and without all of us realizing she was teaching every line of a song an we were singing it...together in a great harmony.
      Hannah when I'm settled on my new house with everything running alright with my studio (that's my main concern now) I'll promise that I'll go to Wigton and practice with you lot. Great energie came from you and made everyone very relaxed. Thank you...

Did i mentioned what a great time i had today


          Last Thursday I had “Words for Wellbeing” and like always, I choose one exercise of the bunch that was my favourite. This exercise was to write a story about a gender, for example a place of great mystery or decay.

So I choose to write about My great-grandfather (the father of my grandmother from my mother’s side).

My great-grandfather’s house was always a place of great mystery, of secrecy, of quiet and harmony, of imprisonment, great magic and unknown power and loneliness. He died when I was 12 years old and he was on he’s 70s and I remember at least five occasions that I passed the day in his house. Probably the time he was in the hospital, he had stomach cancer and died from it.

The house was huge for me only one floor nothing above...just an attic. It had added rooms to match the needs of the time like all the old houses in my island. They all started with two rooms, a kitchen and an outside toilet, not a proper toilet like the modern ones more like the Edwardian times, and when the family grew, more rooms were added matching the family needs.

So this big house of my great grandfather was in a huge land... not huge for a rich person but huge for the common ones. Three times bigger than the house. There was a vegetable garden, grape vines, banana trees and many other fruit trees,  on the right side he had a place to make wine in front of it he had a wall with seats in the wall where the grape leaves covered and offer the seater cold shade while they were enchanted with the beautiful view of the city and the sea, that vast blue sea. In the house there was a special room where old things were kept. The food cages that I thought it was for birds, my great-grandmother’s long chair made from cane. That I manage to keep although it was crumble down to pieces. My treasure room... I was forbidden to walking in... the floor was old and I could fall down in a hole.

I like old houses and it’s the only place when I’m really nosy... it’s an archaeological site... full of great wonders, old relics... You never know what you can find.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


 In a few minutes start's "Words for Wellbeing"... nearly finishing :(
  Next week will be the least at YMCA


Yesterday the subjects to my drawings were my babies... 4 days old and look how they are so big... unbelievable ....

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


This week with Creative Wellbeing at the same venue as always, YMCA Carlisle, we have tomorrow "Drawing from Life" from 1 to 3pm, Thursday "Words for Wellbeing" from 10 to 12pm and Saturday "Voice Training" from 1 to 3 pm...

Monday, 3 June 2013


Check the new updates and see what you can do this next days.
Stop complaining and get your ass of the sofa :D
Meet new people, have fun and learn new skills without spending money...
And of course, I'm going to be there :P

Tomorrow rehearsel for the 6th July Parade

Tomorrow rehearsel at the old Fire Station from 7 to 10pm. Come along and have fun :P


Last Saturday we had at YMCA Carlisle "Inspiring Dishes 2". Learned how to cook a chicken less than an hour. And learn a yummy Tiramisu. Not need to say that I had a great time with the Chefs Richie Harkness and Chris Mc Grath.  Every time you watch someone do what they love it's amazing, it's a kind of magic.So i'll shut up now.
So here's the photos.


Last Thursday “Words for Wellbeing” we had lots of exercise to entertain ourselves. I choose this one. We had to choose one scarf from 6 of them and make a story out of it, true or not. I was attracted with this beautiful brownish scarf with patterns and blue flowers.

It’s 40ยบ degrees in the shade. I’m out of breath. Who had the idea of travelling to Egypt in the middle of the Summer. Of course me. ...I still couldn’t believe that I won that trip. One day I was bored, my son was at school, my husband with his mate, my girl friends all busy, my paintings done so I decided to watch some TV. Turn on the tv and this stupid commercial/contest was up and something made me call them. Felling stupid after grab myself a glass of white wine and decided to listen to music instead and relaxed. Days passed and that event had gone away from my mind. One day arriving from picking up my son up, I received a phone call saying that I won a trip to Egypt with everything pay for. Just for one person. I was disappointed and surprised at the same time. I won?????? Really…I not used to winning anything in my life. I work hard to get what I want…one person only, that’s impossible, what about my husband and my son. Hurrying with this thoughts didn’t realize my husband arrived and was looking at me wondering what was going on. I explained. He said to go that I would be mad if I didn’t. I answered him that I would think about. The next day I had this box waiting downstairs. “Happy Birthday” said on the envelope and inside a note saying this was for your birthday but now you will need it for our trip. I open this box confused, trying to imagine what it was. To my surprise….the gorgeous brownish scarf with blue flowers that I had mentioned to my son that I would love to have it after we saw it on a charity shop. Tears came rolling down my face.

It’s all fiction. Never been to Egypt. Never won anything in my life...


First of all let me just say that I can't  wait to have internet at my own home. Second sorry for the delay.

So last wednesday art work from "Drawing from Life".... My jar of nuts

And the art work of everyone else :P

Becky's eye

Gill drawing's love for England