Tuesday, 24 November 2015


   Yesterday I've received my first Scrawl Box!!! Hurray!!!

   The first thing that caught my eyes was the beautiful postcard art by Vexx. You can check him out at www.vexx-art.com

 This month theme is: Fire
 Another card with Fireball samples to test the colour markers. Smaller ones to try out several combinations and a larger one for the final product.

   Month challenge is Fireball.

   Now the piece of resistance...
   Chameleon Pens... How cool!!!
   They have a mixing chamber, where you let the  BrushNib touch the nib with toning medium for 15 seconds. It makes the ink change tone and go lighter so you can blend smoothly.  Working from light to dark!

   The information provided by the above card says that the Chameleon Color tones pen are a special refillable alcohol based double ended marker that can be used as a standard marker or to create stunning colour gradients and blends. The work of several pens in just one!
   They have a high quality super soft Japanese brush nib, a bullet nib and the special mixing chamber. The mixing chamber is used to fuse either of the nibs with blending solution to create stunning effects such as blending, gradations, highlighting, shading or even 3D. They are a low odour, non toxic pen that is permanent on most surfaces.
   There colours are Crimson Red RD4, Summer Sun YL2 and Bisque NU1.
   The detail pen is a double-ended detail fineline pen with two fine nibs (0.6mm and 0.4mm) containing black pigment-based ink that is permanent when dry and compatible with alcohol-based inks. Whatever you draw will not smear when combined with Chameleon Color Tones.

   My first go at this type of markers!  
   I've chosen  Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman.
   I could have made more of a mess so I'm happy with it. Blending was a bit hard since I've never tried blending with markers before. Lack of practice which will be fixed soon!

I really enjoyed my Chameleon Pens and  I have my eye on the 22 pens set!
Thank you Scrawlr Box for the lovely and rich colours!!!

To subscribe to Scrawlr Box at scrawlrbox.uk

For more info about Chameleon Pens check: www.chameleonpens.com
or to buy them in the UK check http://shopuk.chameleonpens.com/color-tones/

For more info about the postcard artist Vexx check: www.vexx-art.com

Monday, 16 November 2015


    Today it's a range of emotions. Tired for not sleeping enough, due to the Flood Warnings in my son's school area. To relax and to take my mind of the floods, I've google sketch and art box subscriptions. I already subscribe to Art and Parcel as you all know. But I wanted another one.
   I found the Sketch Box from U.S.A. but found a bit expensive for me, being in the U.K. ($35 for the premium box + customs + $15 = more or less 40 pounds). It would be cheaper if I bought the materials myself.
   I remembered seeing something about another art box here in the U.K. on Patreon and I remembered the name Scrawlr Box. Google it and found the website. There's several subscriptions types that you can choose. And I choose the monthly subscription it only costs £15. Win! Win!
   Now I'm trying to be patience, so eager to open it up.
   I'm hooked to these boxes. I don't control what's inside of it! All I now it's ART MATERIAL and it's GOOD for sure and it will take me from my comfort zone!

Check Scrawlr Box website and subscribe: http://scrawlrbox.uk/

Thursday, 12 November 2015


   Thank you Hanem¤őhle at Norwich for the free trial pastel papers.

   In the trial kit I found 6 wonderful colours. The paper is made from cotton rag, 170 gsm - 80 lbs and is acid free.
   On one side the paper is very smooth and on the other offers a textured surface that you can see on the photo below.

   It's also suitable for oil pastels and charcoal.
   They're available in Pads 24x32 cm, 30x40 cm and 36x48 cm.

For more info check their website www.hahnemuehle.com

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


On the post today!!
The Millais's book was bought on Ebay's Revival Books Ltd store. An old library book still with stickers. How cool! Secondhand books don't have to go to waste!

Monday, 2 November 2015


     Hurray! On the first week of every month feels like Christmas! I never know what's inside this little box of pleasures and wonders. One thing for sure it will bring 80% of material that I probably wouldn't buy. After art school we tend to stick to what we feel more comfortable,  know best and of course, cost/price wise. There isn't anything wrong with it but if you don't try new material how will you take your artwork to the next level. Good material has this power over your work.
    When I'm working with oils I'm inspired by their smell and feels like home to me.
    This month I got to 'discover' two new materials that I didn't know they existed: Brusho and Faber Castell Gelato. The materials I never bought are  in bold in the list of materials below.
   I've mentioned before how price influences me to buy or not to buy. This box is so cheap! It's worth it.


   This month the materials were:
- Derwent Waterbrush
- Brusho
Fabriano Watercolour Pad (featuring the winning cover artwork by Sammie Burstow. Congrats)
- Faber Castell Gelato
- Magic Watercolour Sponge Eraser
- Frish Mashing Fineliner

  My husband won the caramel... it's not vegan, only reason.. haha

   On the leaflet above, H. Blyth & Co informs about the material, price and how to use it.
   I followed the instructions:
-on the left side I use the Faber Castell Gelato (colour Cotton Candy). Consistency wise I thought it would feel like an oil pastel but it's softer more like a lipstick, rich colour. They suggested  to use it dry (above) or blended with water (below). The pigment is so rich that the colour didn't fade way when mixed with water.
-on the right side I use the Brusho (colour Sunburst Lemon). It's a powder. They suggested to add water (above) and to sprinkle loose (which I over did it) over a wet surface. What a beautiful yellow. Amazing.

For more info about Art & Parcel check www.hblythco.com

Sunday, 1 November 2015


Today I remembered this short-motion puppets "The Wind in the Willows". Can't remember the portuguese title given.