Friday, 22 July 2016


   Another book finished today! 'How to Keep a Sketch Journal - A guide to Observational drawing and keeping a sketchbook' by 3D Total Publishing

   It's brilliant for beginners (although I'm not complaining!) Lots on insights, materials and technique demonstrations, images from the artists sketchbooks, challenges and two pages for doodling.

   Here's a list of the artists and their websites:

Florian Afflerbach
Rhea Dadoo
Derrick Dent
Michel Hellman
Deborah Jung-Jin Lee
Briony May Smith
Dawn Tan
Maja Wronska

   Hope you enjoy it!


Starting now reading 'A Life Drawing -Recollections of an Illustrator' by Shirley Hughes

   update 27/07/2016:  I just finish reading this book. And it's one of the best biographies I  have ever read. Shirley Hughes opens her world to us! Her personal life (not too much, the right amount), the relationships between an author, an illustrator, a reader (children and their parents), sketchbooks, her work, her advices too us! 
    It felt like we meet for a cuppa and we had a lovely, warm conversation. 
   Thank you!


Today I finish reading 'Sketching from Imagination: Fantasy' by 3D Total Publishing

   It's a lovely book where 50 artists share their insights about sketching, materials, inspirations and goals, sketching techniques and it's full of images from the artists's sketchbooks.

   Here's a list of the artists and their websites:
Alex Andreev
Wylie Beckert
Paride "Jab" Bertolin
Ed Binkley
Paul Boswell
Sabin Boykinov
Bill Carman
Hing Chui
Brent Critchfield
Fernando Forero
Randy Gallegos
Donato Giancola
Jonathan Grimes
Sheri Groleau
George Guo
David Habben
Nick Harris
Kevin Keele
Adonna Khare
Aleksey Kovalenko
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Patrick Ann Lewis-MacDougall
Larry MacDougall
Jeff Miracola
David Munoz Velazquez
Sean Andrew Murray
Mark A. Nelson
Joe Ng
Terese Nielsen
Fergal O'Connor
Hayden Otton
Jim Pavelec
Kate Pfeilschiefter
Vinod Rams
Corinne Reid
Allison Reimold
Kerby Rosanes
Mike Sass
Kirill Semenov
Matthew Sergison-Main
Tomasz Strzalkowski
Paul Sullivan
Allen Sutton
Rodrigo Vega
Irina Vinnik
Lindsey Wakefield
Charles R. Walton II
Nicolas Weis
Bryan Wynia
Aidan Atahan Zugul

  Do get it for yourself! There are another two that I need to buy: 
Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-Fy
Sketching from the Imagination: An insight into Creative Drawing