Monday, 2 June 2014

Drawing a line... (vegan)

Of all the  new Derwent products that I bought recently only the Onyx are not vegan.
I've looked in their chart and all the doubts that I had about 3 of the Aquatone pencils were unnecessary, there are all vegan, apparently, for example ivory black and sap green are just names.

This is were I'll draw my line!
What I mean with this is I'm quite comfortable to buy products from Derwent that are not vegan. Why? Because they've made an effort to present products that are. For example the graphic pencils, the onix, natural graphite, etc are considered not vegan (they don't example why) I'm guessing it has something to do with the way the test the lightfastness with blue wool.

If 60% or more percentage of my artmaterial are vegan I quite happy and I feel that I'm making a difference!
I was feeling overwhelmed and very disappointed with myself when I had doubts with the Aquatone. I said to myself 'Enough with this type of thoughts it's impossible to be 100% vegan be proud that you are already making a difference'.

A quick resume for the products that I'm interested (some I already have, other's I'll have yet to buy)
Graphitint  Vegan all (have it)
Coloursoft Vegan all (have it)
Aquatone   Vegan all (have it)
Graphitone  Vegan all (have it)
Artbar        Vegan all
Metallic      Vegan all
Pastel pencils Vegan all
Artist        a few are not Vegan

Onyx not vegan (have it)
Drawing not vegan
Inktense not vegan
natural graphite  not vegan
XL graphite not vegan
Tinted Charcoal  not vegan

Here's a link of the Derwent Products and choose a product from the left list and check the colour chart and lighfast ratings. It's there were you find if the product is vegan or not.