Monday, 3 June 2013


Last Thursday “Words for Wellbeing” we had lots of exercise to entertain ourselves. I choose this one. We had to choose one scarf from 6 of them and make a story out of it, true or not. I was attracted with this beautiful brownish scarf with patterns and blue flowers.

It’s 40ยบ degrees in the shade. I’m out of breath. Who had the idea of travelling to Egypt in the middle of the Summer. Of course me. ...I still couldn’t believe that I won that trip. One day I was bored, my son was at school, my husband with his mate, my girl friends all busy, my paintings done so I decided to watch some TV. Turn on the tv and this stupid commercial/contest was up and something made me call them. Felling stupid after grab myself a glass of white wine and decided to listen to music instead and relaxed. Days passed and that event had gone away from my mind. One day arriving from picking up my son up, I received a phone call saying that I won a trip to Egypt with everything pay for. Just for one person. I was disappointed and surprised at the same time. I won?????? Really…I not used to winning anything in my life. I work hard to get what I want…one person only, that’s impossible, what about my husband and my son. Hurrying with this thoughts didn’t realize my husband arrived and was looking at me wondering what was going on. I explained. He said to go that I would be mad if I didn’t. I answered him that I would think about. The next day I had this box waiting downstairs. “Happy Birthday” said on the envelope and inside a note saying this was for your birthday but now you will need it for our trip. I open this box confused, trying to imagine what it was. To my surprise….the gorgeous brownish scarf with blue flowers that I had mentioned to my son that I would love to have it after we saw it on a charity shop. Tears came rolling down my face.

It’s all fiction. Never been to Egypt. Never won anything in my life...
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