Sunday, 15 September 2013


And here we are again with the fantastic Carol Ross and the amazing healing “Words for Wellbeing”

The two exercises that i choose are connected: First exercise we had to write about your favorite way to travel and the second to write about a person/character that we find in that voyage. So.. here we go :D

My favorite way to travel is through books. Specially Christian Jacq’s books. They take me to an era that I cannot visit and its close to my heart: Ancient Egypt. Although written in fiction, he is an egiptologyst so I feel confortable in his words knowing that historical facts will be correct. I travel to Ancient Egypt, where i’m every character, poor or rich, male or female, adult or child, experience everything that the character does. I cry or laugh with them, feel the sun touching my skin like they do, feel their loves and their losts. I can even smell the banquets or the sweat and blood on the battle fields and I finishe every book with a sense of accomplishment.

Travelling on my own through the desert, is hard enough. My camel is my only companion. To him i tell all my problems, all my desires. He answer me like an old grumpy old man. To him I sing when the sky is all black glittering with the stars. He provides me warmth, comfort in the cold nights of the desert.
What wonders have this creature seen? What countries had it crossed? The nomad that sold him  told me he was  a special one...what did he mean by it???!!!!

                Crossing the big desert... another day, the sun is rising, camp is we go
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