Thursday, 10 October 2013


First let me start by apologising for the delay of the next posts this one include also. I was ... well still am, sick with flu and this annoying dry cough.

                On the 26th September I had the great opportunity of leading the Words for Wellbeing group and I felt honoured by doing so.

                With no further delay the exercise that i choose was freewriting based on 5 words Mountain, Cave, River, Rock and Snow.

                “I see this massive dark blue, tall mountain reaching out with it’s point nearly bursting the sku. I set my mind on it “I will climb it”. ”Foolish girl” I think to myself “90kg, 36 years are you going to drag yourself up there?! It’s impossible”
                Half way there I found a cave... dark and humid. I’m thinking “Don’t go in there” But my curiosity took the best of my claustrophobia. And I followed this weird noise that i was hearing, the walls are wet and I barely see anything with this light above my head... and the moment I’m thinking this...the lights went off... It took me a while for my eyes to adapt. I started to see these glowing things, creatures bluish in colour on the walls, ceiling and floor and I...was mesmerized.
                It started to become more clear there was this opening on the end of the cave. I reached it and to my surprise there was a river. Such strong current I will never pass to the other side.
                I see a rock a bit further down and if I jump it I can make it to the other side... “Well you conquered claustrophobia now it’s time to conquer the height fear... leap of faith here I go...”
                What a jump I couldn’t believe it... I did it... I give myself a moment to breathe and hold it together and started to walk. I enter another cave just like the other, had the same bluish creatures walking around everywhere, but this cave wasn’t as big as the other one and it opened it up to an open space with a purple snow.

Hope you guys like it :D
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