Monday, 28 April 2014


          It took me nearly a month to decide if I would create a new blog about my Vegan Lifestyle (and other stuff !) or if I continue posting here. Eureka or shall I say Freacking finally I made my mind up... It was pissing me off a bit (Yes, I can not only drive all of you crazy, I can drive my self crazy also, from time to time).
I was also thinking about the name of the blog... every name I thought was either a song title, a book, blogs, sites, etc... frustrating...

          Eudaimonia = cutting short means happiness, well being

          Utopia = cutting short means  perfect world, society

         This is why my site description is "Welcome to my voyage for a mindful world  of happiness where respect and kindness for all beings and nature is imperative!"

My perfect world!
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