Tuesday, 4 April 2017


   Day 1 W.I.P. Magnolia Study in oils on canvas 7x5"(13x18cm)
   Because I need the paintings to be a little more dry so I can refine them, the oil paintings will never (rarely) be ready on the same day.
   With all this projects I like to do something different to my norm (portraits)... so just outside my comfort zone I decided to paint flowers.
  I've been avoiding painting flowers because it feels like a cliche, women painting flowers, but when I look at the beautiful dutch still lifes... those flowers ROCK! How can I not paint them...Hopefully by the end of the #the100dayproject I will be a little bit closer to the dutch still lifes! (Wishful thinking!!)

  When the paintings are dry and varnished they will be put up for sale! Keep an eye on them!

  The #the100dayproject was created by Elle Luna and you can check her website elleluna.com
   Join the project too!
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