Monday, 16 November 2015


    Today it's a range of emotions. Tired for not sleeping enough, due to the Flood Warnings in my son's school area. To relax and to take my mind of the floods, I've google sketch and art box subscriptions. I already subscribe to Art and Parcel as you all know. But I wanted another one.
   I found the Sketch Box from U.S.A. but found a bit expensive for me, being in the U.K. ($35 for the premium box + customs + $15 = more or less 40 pounds). It would be cheaper if I bought the materials myself.
   I remembered seeing something about another art box here in the U.K. on Patreon and I remembered the name Scrawlr Box. Google it and found the website. There's several subscriptions types that you can choose. And I choose the monthly subscription it only costs £15. Win! Win!
   Now I'm trying to be patience, so eager to open it up.
   I'm hooked to these boxes. I don't control what's inside of it! All I now it's ART MATERIAL and it's GOOD for sure and it will take me from my comfort zone!

Check Scrawlr Box website and subscribe:
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