Wednesday, 8 May 2013


   Yesterday exercise of Mindfull Writing.


Women...Paradoxes... Worlds apart from the other half of the same specie

So frail at moments and yet so strong in others

Following their hearts, their intuition and their common sense

Always true to themselves

Their troubled souls is what makes them specials

Their concern for anything and all things

Their interest aroused by a little detail, an interesting word

Out of place...spikes their curiosity

Always seeking for companionship,

For belonging, for good times and for fun times

Always ready to be swept from their feet

All they want is to feel special, to feel like they matter

Braves one who in the past died for love, for honour,

For believing in something true to their heart, true to their nature

They talk too much but if you stop criticizing them and just listen

Carefully you will understand then that they ask for so little

So caring, loving, protective, confident, sensitive,

Givers of life itself they are...

I share all of these with my sisters and much more

Always true to themselves...

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