Friday, 3 May 2013


                Yesterday we had “Words for Wellbeing” with Carol Ross at YMCA Carlisle. This session we manage to do quite a lot of exercises… I am really surprised. We do what we are supposed to but I think this time we did it all…. Mind you that all the exercises are 3 up to 10 minutes and we all do read them out loud.

                So we started with something for me special a box with story cubes/dices. What happen was that Carol took 3 cubes each time and from the images that were showed we wrote a history.  

                So the first 3 cubes/dices were: a magnifying glass, question mark and a some sort of humanoid looking face.

                The second 3 cubes/dices were: a bee, world map and the letter L.

                The third 3 cubes/dices were: a sleeping face, a castle tower and something that we Portuguese call the rose of winds.

                First one:

                “There’s a strange mark on my lawn” I said it out loud. Talking to myself, my husband it’s still sleeping. I look around trying to see anyone, no strange hanging around, no mysterious shadow. All neighborhood is asleep.

                I hear a can hitting the floor “It’s just a cat going around the rubbish”. No wonder I am so jumpy, so nervous... after being wake like I did with that big bang. I open my eyes and I swear I saw this strange face looking down at me. Rubbed my eyes and looked away, nothing was there anymore.

To be continued

                Second one: Story for kids

                A bee called Lizie was looking for this beautiful Lily flower. But there was none around where she lived. She sat down really sad, mopping. This other bee, much older than Lizie, much wiser, come close to her. “Why are you crying for love?”

                “You see mother bee”, everyone called her mother bee because she was very caring and Kind. “I’m looking for this blue Lily, it makes the most tasty honey and there’s none. I wanted to offer to my mother and now I can’t”.

                Mother bee kept herself quiet, thinking really hard “I know” she said jumping at her feet “Go past the forest, past the big sea and in this far away country there’s a field full of this gorgeous you ever seen lilies. But it’s a hard thing to do. You need to have a strong heart, a strong desire for what you are looking for and be very, very brave”.

To be continued and illustrated
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