Friday, 17 May 2013


Second exercise was to continue a text – Guided visualization. So you won a holiday in a beautiful house in a perfect location and the owner left you a notebook so you can use it as a journal and start to write every day what happens at your holiday.

“I think I have to start this writing saying how surprise I am with this gift. What a weird and uncommon present. A notebook for me to write a journal!!!

Well, having that said, this is a beautiful house. When I google for houses with lakes to rent for a small holiday I was enchanted with this one. That photo with the rays of sun touching the roof, butterflies everywhere, the forest surrounding it so green, full of life and that lake also touched by those rays of sun, glittering, so peaceful. I was hooked. Didn’t want to choose any other and had my decision made. There was a part of me that thought I was being tricked that that photo was not real, it was Photoshop...

To my big surprise when I arrived here, the all region seems to vibrate with life. I was brought by an old wood wagon with a horse, like you said you would arrange it and the man give me this massive old key that made me giggle and thinking how would I walk around with that key on my jeans. After we said our Farewells I stayed still watching him going away. A small breeze lifted and brought this wonderful smell of flowers and when it touched my skin it was warm. So I decided it was time to pick up my luggage and start walking to the house. Had to walk for a while but it was all worth it, the birds sang all the way there, they were so many, brown, red chests and many others. Beautiful songs.”
To be continued
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