Friday, 24 May 2013


Yesterday was another “Words for Wellbeing” at YMCA Carlisle. We had several exercises and I choose this one                as the best example. We had to choose from several different names and pick one and create a character with that name. Here’s my story:

My name is Igor Kasparov and I’m a father, a grandfather, a husband and a very curious man. I’m 70 years old and I feel I’m getting younger ever day unlike my friends. I remember the first time I crossed the sea, I was only 7 years old. And it became my passion. I was determined to be a sailor man. And so I did. My parents were very upset to see me go, they were very poor and need my help with their land, they lived of it you see. But the desire of sea was burning in my veins. So I left with the promise I would send them money. The sea was magnificent, the adventures that I lived mainly because of my stupidity of being too young and too curious. Visit different lands, got into contact with different people around the world. Seeing many different and marvellous animals. Made good friends. Some of them accepted me as one of their own, as their son. Some of them wanted me to marry their daughters and one day I did. She was the most beautiful woman I ever seen. Indian by blood, long black hair, mild brown skin. She was wearing this turquoise sari. But the most extraordinary thing was her striking green eyes. What a magnificent creature.

We got married and I settled in her fishing village. Where I helped the community with the provision of food and I had a little boat. Along the years, my favourite time  was when I was in that boat near the coast and I could see my beautiful wife playing with our kids in the warm of the beach sands.

Do bear in mind that this texts are done in 5 or 10 minutes :P
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