Friday, 17 May 2013


“Words for Wellbeing” how I miss it last week.

                Yesterday we did three exercises and had a new “mindful writer” on the group.

                I have chosen two.

                This one is about a pair of dark green gloves and I had to made-up a character for that pair of gloves. And this is what came out of it:


“It’s my first trip to Paris, I’m really excited for the first time on my life. What a privilege I was given... to study with the best contemporaneous masters of figurative painting. Including a special visit that no one is aloud too, the Louvre vaults, where they keep the some masterpieces hidden from the common eyes.

This morning I was ensure about what to wear. It sounds ridiculous I know. But I was so nervous that it all became complicated like dressing myself. So I choose to put my lucky, lucky gloves, the ones that I was wearing when as soon as I arrived home I received the phone call. So with them on, everything else seemed to fit naturally.

This gloves seen a lot, grieve, happy times. They were passed to me by my grandmother. It feels that they’re magical, as a magic wand. They make everything better.

So here I go with my magical green gloves walking around Montmartre, visiting the old art market, where the colours dance and sing to our souls. Where the smells of oils invades our imagination. Where the souls of the old painters haunt, trap in their love for art.”
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