Thursday, 11 April 2013


In this last exercise, Carol showed us a map and asked for us to write the opening of a book.
In a way that we could guess in what genre we had writing.... Do you want to have a good guess at his mine???? Go on then... Read below and guess....

                As I was walking in the mid of the mist, I could see this white cloud in front of me, formed every time I breath out, it’s really cold. “Why would they send for me in the middle of the night?”
                The pastures have this beautiful almost unnatural bluish light. I can hear the crows calling for which others. I have to confess I’m not used to it, it makes my hairs stand up.
                “Great” it’s starting to rain. Is still quite a bit to walk... they said to go to the Lodestone Lake, there would be a boat waiting for me. Never mind that I’m still surprise with the fact of how would they know where to find me? Who told them that I would be near the river in the “common field” watching the stars??!!!! I know this is a small town but this is ridiculous. Can’t a man be wherever he wants to be without been disturbed?
                I see the duck pond. “It’s odd!!! It’s quite!!!” What that Hell happen??? Everything it’s so still, no sounds... There it is that uncomfortable feeling again. Can’t wait to see another human face again. I can see the sculptures, I’m not far from the lake. I see a shining light it must be the people on the boat waiting for me.
                I hear someone walking behind me. I speed up. It’s quite dark in this area. Don’t know if it’s friend or be honest don’t want to find out...
                “Dr. Is that you” I hear a deep voice in the dark.
                “Yes, it’s me” Now seeing the face that projected that deep voice.
                Suddenly, the footspets stopped... My heart can slow down to his normal self.
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