Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Yesterday exercise of Mindful Writing was about personal journals/diaries and also about compromising to do something… Just read below to found out what precisely.


                Thinking about walking to Carleton Clinic and back everyday. Total: 4.6 miles. Hours: more or less 1H20m. I dare to say this out loud and everyone looks at me like I should walk to Carleton Clinic and be committed there.

                Nearly everyone here takes a taxi or the bus to get to one end to the other. The centre of Carlisle is smaller than our centre in Funchal !!!!! Although the city itself it’s bigger than Funchal.

                I’m surprised that this people choose not to walk. Everywhere here is plain and the weather it’s brilliant for walking, back home it’s only up or down with heat or heavy rain.

                Do you have to lose your legs to start appreciating them????? They’re powerful tools given by nature itself. It’s a gift people…use it well and wisely.

                I’m thankful everyday for what I’ve got. Sight (although I’ve lost a little bit and have to use glasses due to work with computers), hearing, well… every part of our fantastic body… Still flexible for this big size of mine because I don’t stop and I thank all the walking and when I was an teenager I was a track athlete. Special my mother that never put me on a pram… What’s up with that????

                Do I love to walk every day??? Of course not, there are times that I don’t want to do so, I’m tired and don’t want to leave bed, but I don’t let it stop me…

                Walking is the best and most natural exercise that you can do.

                After 14 years of carrying another person on top of me (I meant my weight…) I had enough. Don’t want to be Skinny, bones, skin, tits and hair like before I was pregnant, I hated it (8,4 stones/ 53kg). I’m currently 14.330 stones/91kg. And I want to reach 11 stones/70kg. I only want to lose 3 stone/20kg. So you can see that I’ll be still over-weighted… So skinny people and diet lovers get over it. Being skinny it’s not the goal for me.

                I’ve always talked about losing weight, about wanted to be 11 stones but never did it, correction never happened. It wasn’t lack of exercises. I still walked home to work, work to home, was in the gym, sometimes spent 6 hours a day (doing different things)… I think my mind was not in it… I eat, still do, healthy as I can, but my problem is that I didn’t use to sleep that much, only 3 hours a day for 11 and half years. When you exercise it’s important to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

                And now since I’m here in Carlisle without doing nothing special, still walking everywhere. I lost 1,41 stones/9kg in 3 months.  The only thing I’m doing different it’s the fact that I’m finally sleeping better and also I’m doing 99% of the things I want to do and that of course makes me happy. Is this the secret???

                Don’t know but I tell you something, I’ve promised myself to walk everyday plus 4.6 miles because I already have 4 miles and something to walk already, so I’ll be walking more or less 8 miles every day (don’t tell I’ll not lose anything with this…) Plus I’m also doing Yoga and Body Combat, alternating every day. So I started yesterday with yoga, today Body Combat.

                Every week I’ll have a total of 50 miles plus 350 minutes of exercise and of course playing Futebol or Badminton with my son.

                I will keep you post it, at the end of each month, telling you how much I’ve lost if any. Let’s see if I can prove my theory correct.
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