Thursday, 11 April 2013


Had a great walk with my "adoptive" daughter up to Carleton Clinic. I just love to walk.

"Words for Wellbeing"... One of today's exercises. Carol showed us an art manequin that belongs to her mother and basically said to write whatever came to our heads about it.

This is mine. It's a little story that wants to grow into a much bigger one... I'll make sure of it.

I was walking around town, looking vaguely at the shops windows, just wasting time till it was time to pick my son up from school. So many shops, so many objects...cloths, bags, shoes, all you need for the kitchen, all you need for winter sports... I came across a little shop, very discrete, almost hidden, easy to miss... Something called me in. Took a big breath, look at my watch, still have time and I got in. What a space, full of memorabilia, old records discs, gramophones, ceramic dolls, vintage cloths.
                This ray of sun, this beautiful light that made all the dust dancing around and in it. I was drown by curiosity to that light it was hitting a particular spot of the shop. I got closer and saw this articulated wooden creature, full of dust. I got it gentile.  It was made of a beautiful dark wood. It looked really old. I always wanted a mannequin for my art work. But until now never found the One. Holding the mannequin like it was a precious jewel I went to pay for it. The shop-owner give me a smile and said something strange. “He finally found the Artist”. I answered: “Sorry” She didn’t repeat it again, saying: “There’s your change. Have a nice day.” I said my fair-wells looking at the time it was time to pick my son from school. Holding my bag really tide with my precious mannequin inside.

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