Monday, 29 April 2013


I wasn't able to post this texts before because my dongle finished and the Library internet it's been down... Sorry

This is the exercise that I choose from the bunch of Thursday session.

We’ve done quite a lot which is always great, the more the better . It was about metaphors.

The exercise that I chose is about this Welcoming door first text in real life, the second a locked door and the third a imaginary or a real door that you would love to have.

I’m still looking for that welcoming door. That door that says “Welcome Home Love take your shoes of, sit on the sofa and rest”. If my nana (Simon’s grandmother) was alive I would probable find it with her. Or maybe not. I do hope someday I’ll find my Welcome Door.

                Locked door it reminds me all those things I was forbidden to touch when I was a kid. Like my father’s locked studio door. What a magical place. The architectural drawing table, the pencils, the ink, the vegetable paper. The desire that I had to try them out. The wish that I had to ask him to teach me and never had the courage to do so...afraid of being brushed off for another stupid thing that I have said.

                My Welcoming door it will be made of wood, honey in colour, with iron pieces across the door like the ones in old buildings or old monasteries. Surrounding the door I’ll have Wysteria bush with the beautiful purple flowers like grapes all year around if I could. My welcoming door would welcome everyone in need, my friends, my mother in vacation but would be a bit magical with the ones how wanted to harm anyone in the house. Then it would become very dark, like those ones in horror movies.
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